Religion Taught In Early American Schools

April 11, 2012

Christian education was the PRIMARY education in early American Schools.

It’s too bad that, like this old school-house in the photo, the roots of that instruction have been all but forgotten.  At the very least, if not forgotten they are FORBIDDEN in public schools today.

Anyone who doubts the Christian influence in education during those early days needs only to visit the pages of the New England Primer.  Here is another sample from that wonderful school book.

Who was the first man ?  Adam. 
Who was the first woman ?  Eve. 
Who was the first Murderer ?  Cain. 
Who was the first Martyr ?  Abel. 
Who was the first Translated ?  Enoch. 
Who was the oldest Man ?  Methuselah. 
Who built the Ark ?  Noah. 
Who was the Patientest Man ?  Job. 
Who was the Meekest Man ?  Moses. 
Who led Israel into Canaan ?  Joshua. 
Who was the strongest Man ?  Sampson. 
Who killed Goliah ?  David. 
Who was the wisest Man ?  Soloman. 
Who was in the Whale’s Belly?  Jonah. 
Who saves lost Men ?  Jesus Christ. 
Who is Jesus Christ ?  The Son of God. 
Who was the Mother of Christ ?  Mary. 
Who betrayed his Master ?  Judas. 
Who denied his Master ?  Peter. 
Who was the first Christian Martyr?  Stephen. 
Who was chief Apostle of the Gentiles ?  Saul. 

Heads would roll today if teachers brought this into the classroom.

Will we EVER return to the founding principles that made our country great, both in and out of the classroom?

***Gordon Howie is a nationally syndicated author, host of Liberty Today TV and CEO of Life and Liberty Media***

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